About the product

Rebar is a steel product which is used in concrete structures to compensate for its low tensile strength.

The steel used for this purpose in reinforced concrete structures is in the form of wire or rebar and is called steel rebar.

Also in certain cases, structural steel such as shaped profiles, channel or furniture are also used to reinforce concrete.

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Types of rebar

Types of rebar based on old standards and analysis:

  • Rebar A1
  • Rebar A2
  • Rebar A3
  • Rebar A4

Types of rebar based on new standard and analysis:

  • Rebar S 240 (simple rebar)
  • 340 AG rebar (twisted treaded rebar)
  • 400 AG rebar (ribbed treaded rebar)
  • 500 AG rebar (compound treaded rebar)

Currently, all rebar markets have to follow these standards.

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