About the product

Beams are used in light and heavy steel structures. Construction beams with IPE standard are produced in Isfahan Steel Factory. Thin beams or IPE beams are produced in different sizes ranges from 100 to 300. The standard beam branches size is12 meters but sometimes it is cut into smaller branches according to the customer’s order. Our Iron experts are trying to provide our customer satisfaction. In addition our experts provide up-to-date prices of fused beams for our online customers.

Iran Forming Company’s IPE beams has an outstanding quality and a quite competitive price.

Types of beams

  • Arrows
  • There are different types of beams:
  • Narrow wing beams, medium wing beams, wide wing beams,
  • In terms of weight, they have several categories
  • Ordinary IPE beams
  • HEA light beam
  • HEB heavy beams
  • Wide beam i

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