About the product

Galvanized sheets are made of cold sheet in such a way that the whole surface of the sheet is first degreased and passes through the drying stage, and then it is entered into a molten bath of tin and zinc. This process increases the sheet resistance in extreme weather conditions and prevents the sheet from corrosion.

Iran Forming Company galvanized sheets are made from high quality material and has quite competitive price.


  • Use as the cover of the industrial shed with a trapezoidal sinus shutter shape
  • Use as the wall cover of storage building and warehouse or industrial shed in Shadow line shutter shape
  • Use as the Roof covering of residential and commercial buildings in the form of steel deck shutters
  • Uses as Workshop fence
  • Extensive uses in the automotive and home appliance industries.

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Galvanized sheets are used in various industries such as automotive, construction, aircraft, food industry and water transfer and storage. This product is produced and offered in different dimensions depending on their type. Like other metal sheets the weight of galvanized sheet is calculated as follow:

Sheet length (m) × Sheet width (mm) × Sheet thickness (mm) × Density or specific gravity of steel ÷1000.

The important thing to note about this formula is the density of the steel which is exactly 7.86, but Iranian galvanized sheets, considered 8 as density number

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