About the product

The profile is made in a process which the steel sheet is rolled according to the required size, and stripped. The galvanized and color coated cold sheet entered the cold roll line and after being formed by molten alloys its seam is welded and turned into industrial profile. And the final product is cutting into different dimensions (open and closed profiles) with rectangular and square sections. The final products are cut out lengths of 6 to 12 meters. Generally profiles are divided into two types: construction and industrial. The construction profiles are used in construction industry. Industrial profiles are used in the manufacture of industrial parts.

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 Application of profiles

  • Square and rectangular profiles are used in the automotive industry.
  • Square profiles are used to make the table and chairs leg.
  • Z-shaped profiles are used to cover the roof of the shed.
  • Used in the construction of trailers and tankers axels. Simple rebar
  • Industrial profiles are produced via cold rolling method and they can be used in the construction of iron door frames, various metal molds, and machinery and shutters doors.

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