About the product

Punch sheets are produced from 50% to 2 mm thickness and is mesh or perforated, which is called  hole and the holes has circular shapes and is named with its hole specification, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10

Iran Forming Company’s Punch sheet has an outstanding quality and a quite competitive price.

Punch sheet Application

  • Punch sheets have a wide range of applications in various industries, architecture and even art, and its use in various fields is undeniable. The punched sheets are used as follow:
  •  Punch sheet are used as ventilator protection shield in machine sites
  •  Punch sheets are used in manufacture of home appliance spare parts
  •  Punch sheets are used in bus stations
  • Punch sheets are used in metal Production industries and decoration industries
  • Punch sheets are used as Protection shield for power plants
  • Punch sheets are used as Protection shield for telecommunication towers
  • Elevator roofs and walls
  • Build barricades shield for sensitive military areas and prisons
  • Manufacturing of doors for parking lots, houses entrances and warehouses
  • Isolation and granulation in food and agricultural production lines
  • Can be used in industrial, construction, health, petrochemical, sports, agricultural projects

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